Zulu is in Camp-J torture camp – please write him!

We heard news from Zulu’s legal team that he was placed in the restrictive camp of “Camp-J” at LSP. We do not know why but we do know this is a very restrictive cellblock. Also, Zulu is doing his religious fast right now. Let’s send him cards, letters to let him know he is one of us. His address to write to is:
Kenneth “Zulu” Whitmore
Camp J Gator 2 Left
Angola, LA 70712
You can also use Jpay.com to write him via electronic ways (the prison staff will print the Jpay email and hand it to him). When writing a letter or card, please add your own return address in the left top corner of your envelope, thank you!!
Free Zulu Team

In support of Zulu

Dear Supporter of Zulu,

I have decided that this support site for Zulu Whitmore needs to take a break while we are concentrating on legal efforts to get some relief for him regarding his innocence case and the torture issues he has been facing.

In hopes we can bring good news in the foreseeable future, when we will return, I remain,

In Support of Zulu,

Annabelle, Supporter of FreeZulu!